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Computer Recycling

We recycle all types of computer and electronic equipment.

We do charge for monitors, televisions and other items that have a glass picture tube (CRT).

We do not charge for recycling laptop computers or LCD screens.

Normal charges for CRT recycling:

19 and smaller $10. each.

20 and over $20. each.

Large wood console televisions $30. each.

There is no charge for any other computer related items, such as towers, keyboards, mice, cables, cords, parts pieces, etc.

This price includes pick up. No minimum for local pickups.

We may require a minimum amount if picking up items from outside the local area.

Usually about 10 CRT's and 10 computers.

We can pick up items in a 300 mile radius from Red Oak, possibly farther.

We do not landfill any type of hazardous materials. All hazardous materials are recycled properly, according to all laws and regulations.

We can destroy data on hard drives if needed.